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“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”




Are you feeling stuck or uninspired? Are you experiencing major life transitions that have left you feeling lost, confused, or derailed from your previous sense of identity? Are you having difficulty reaching goals, or struggling to connect to your true purpose? Perhaps you just need a little help setting more effective goals so you can catapult your way to success? Or, maybe your work is leaving you empty or disappointed, feeling that there must be more to life than this. If you said "yes" to any of these questions then you're in the right place!!


One common misconception about coaching is that it is the same thing as counseling, but the two differ significantly. Coaching tends to focus on the future,  goal setting, and the client's strengths, awakening inner excellent. On the other hand, counseling often spends more time examining the past and addresses deeper psychological disorders. Another common misconception is that only "broken" people seek coaching or counseling. Nothing could be further from the truth! Although some people will seek coaching or counseling because they are lacking something in their lives and need help finding solutions, others do so out of a desire for personal growth and becoming the best version of themselves.

Success is defined differently from one person to the next because our ambitions are a conglomerate resulting from our personal experiences, unique skills, interests, belief systems, and values. Thus, coaching isn't always for the person who wants a "20 point goal system" so to speak. It can also prove to be beneficial for those needing a sounding board for bouncing ideas around--talking things through, and gaining clarification. This can be particularly true when someone is encountering life transitions and feels frozen, unsure of the next steps to take next.


However, knowing what you really want out of life can sometimes be difficult. We are constantly bombarded with messages from family members, friends, educators, religious institutions, and society about what goals to pursue, the value of our interests and pursuits, as well as our ability to accomplish our goals. As a result, sometimes we are slowly talked out of our goals and dreams as societal values and life events chip away at our sense of direction.


In order to live a purposeful and meaningful life, it takes self-reflection--digging deep and identifying what you are truly passionate about, as well as learning to recognize the people and/or environments that are either promoting or thwarting your growth and well-being.


If there is one thing that we can count on, it is change. Things are constantly evolving, and even when we think we are on the right path, life has a tendency to throw us "curveballs." Some of these setbacks can cause us to temporarily lose our focus and get off track, while others are so life altering they mandate a change in direction. Transitions such as college, graduation, marriage, birth of children, relocation, or career changes can be both exciting and intimidating, as we move forward into the unknown. Other events such as divorce, an empty nest, health changes, loss of a loved one, retirement, etc. may be more frightening and leave us feeling lost and alone.


I truly believe that each of us has a unique purpose to fulfill in this life, and when we don't fulfill that purpose the world misses out. I am also convinced that at some deeper level we have an idea of what our calling is, and that longing or pulling at the heart so to speak, serves as a beacon or guide.


My goal is to arm you with powerful tools and strategies that will enable you to smoothly navigate your way through life's transitions, achieve your dreams, and become the best version of yourself!

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I have over 17 years of professional experience teaching others strategies for revealing and pursuing their true passions, finding renewed motivation, setting and achieving personal/professional/academic goals, increasing performance, and improving well being.


Please feel free to take a look around my website, read the blogs, participate in some of the activities, and reach out to me if you have any questions!



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