A little about me...


I have worked with people of all ages and cultures in a variety of environments ranging from museums and non profit organizations, higher education and government institutions. As an undergraduate, I initially majored in Art before changing my major to Psychology, then earning my M.Ed. & Ph.D. in Educational Psychology focusing on motivation.My doctoral research involved working closely with Native American and Alaska Native students in southeast Alaska, focusing on factors contributing to academic success, motivation, and psychological well being. A few years later I returned to earn my Master's degree focusing on multicultural counseling and art therapy.  I am extremely committed to seeing  people succeed and achieve their personal, academic, and professional goals using evidenced based research in motivation, learning, and positive psychology in a creative and fun way!. 


For almost twenty years, I have teaching people of all ages and backgrounds strategies for motivating, leading, and promoting psychological well being. I have done this by developing and leading outreach programs for “At Risk” teens, designing and teaching graduate and undergraduate university courses, conducting needs analysis and program evaluations for museums, schools and government institutions, and working with individuals using evidence-based research in motivation, positive psychology, art and creative exploration. There is no "one size fits all" approach to motivating others, as both individual and cultural differences influence values, behaviors, and definitions of success.


Individual and group differences impact the beliefs, attitudes, values, and goals of people. Even children raised in the same family will have very different abilities, experiences, and perceptions of self which all influence behaviors and aspirations. 

Over the past two decades, I have been helping people achieve their goals through mentoring, teaching, and encouraging successful goal creation...teaching strategies for success in academic, personal, and business contexts, and providing tools and guidance for going through career and life transitions.


It is my sincere desire to be able to help people flourish and become the happiest and most authentic version of themselves! We all experience challenges and transitions throughout our lifetimes. Some of these are predictable, others are not. All change is uncomfortable, but armed with the right tools, you can sail through these transitions smoothly and avoid getting blown off course!