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Mini-Course: Unveiling the Self

This mini-course is based on my book, "Unveiling the Self: Revealing Your Authentic Self and Living a Fulfilling & Purposeful Life"(© Elaine Bontempi, 2021). This class will include readings, creative activities, journal prompts and guided meditations helping you to unveil your truest self.

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Most of us can recall the enthusiasm that dominated our lives as children. We learned about the world around us through curiosity-driven play and exploration without inhibition. However, as we grew increasingly aware of the judgments surrounding our interests, abilities, and pursuits, that free-spirited creativity may have been slowly dampened. The messages we receive from our parents, siblings, teachers, peers, and institutions concerning the behaviors, hobbies, and interests that were "worth" pursuing all contribute to our social programming. Compounding this is the growing awareness of how we are perceived by others based on our gender, race, abilities, pursuits, performance, physical attractiveness, sexual orientation, and more. As a result, we often "veil" our true selves layer by layer over time, to the point that we may not even recognize our authentic selves. 


Consequentially, we veer off course from our truest life paths. Instead, entering into social agreements and contracts (either consciously or unconsciously) following socially prescribed routes that promise us happiness, acceptance, and fulfillment.  When these careers, relationships, or socially endorsed goals do not result in the satisfaction they promised, we often begin questioning ourselves-- wondering if there is something "wrong" with us because we are not finding joy in what we "should," instead of recognizing that the real issue is we have lost ourselves along the way.


The path to finding a fulfilling and purposeful life will be contingent upon you reconnecting with your authentic self, and this course is meant to help you do just that through readings, creative activities, journal prompts, and meditations.


Tuition: $75

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